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Partner Guidelines

bet365 Partner Guidelines

Before applying to become a bet365 Partner, there are certain criteria that all applicants must meet before they can be accepted on to the programme.

Applicants must therefore meet the standards set out below to ensure the foremost and compliant promotion of bet365.

• The media source provided must always contain relevant content. This content must also be deemed by bet365, to add value to the customer journey.

• The media source provided must show adequate volumes of users engaging with the applicant’s brand.

• Applications where social media pages are used as the primary source of promotion will not be accepted.

• Applications will not be accepted if the primary source of promotion is direct marketing. For example, but not limited to: SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram.

• We do not accept any sources of blind traffic including, but not limited to, programmatic media buying and affiliate networks.

• Applicants must ensure they have an understanding of the regulatory framework of all target markets, including marketing and licensing codes in addition to any local regulation and advertising laws.

• Applicants must always promote responsible gambling in line with the Programme’s terms and conditions, compliance policies and not target bet365 services to those under the legal age of gambling for the relevant jurisdiction (e.g. 18 for the UK).

• bet365 continually reviews partner advertising content using compliance monitoring tools. Accordingly, if accepted onto the programme you can only advertise bet365 on websites and through media accounts and channels that have been disclosed to and approved in advance by bet365.

• When applying to become a bet365 partner we strongly recommend that you provide further supporting information within your application as this will assist us in our overall evaluation.

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